How we do it

To reach your objectives, we rely upon three main competencies that can be used together or independently:
  1. Scientific research

    We have expertise in searching the scientific literature to ensure that your business can exploit the latest developments to your advantage. Because we have qualified scientists we can also design and execute experiments to extrapolate such research for your specific needs, or even carry out entirely new research. The knowledge gained from this type of work can aid your business to create new products and services, or improve your current proposition.
  2. Artificial intelligence

    We engineer advanced software systems to produce intelligent solutions that can put you ahead of your competitors, or open up new areas of business. We design and implement software that uses artificial intelligence to create actionable information from data. We have done this in several fields including financial trading, Computer Based Training, and Augmented Reality mobile systems.
  3. High performance computing

    We are experienced in developing not just computer software, but state-of-the-art computer software that can process vast amounts of data quickly. To do this, we use supercomputing devices that provide us with an order of magnitude more power than that found in premium desktop computers. In some cases we have been able to reduce a year’s worth of computational work to be completed in just one week. This enables us to tackle some problems that would otherwise be infeasible to solve.