About us

Erudite Research was established in 2010 in London, United Kingdom. It began providing research services to technology start-ups, including carrying out literary reviews for relevant niche areas, and developing new software using a research-engineering approach.

The business was founded by Dr Joel Jordan, who obtained his PhD in Computer Science at University College London in 2010. At that time he had been in computing for almost 20 years, having had roles as CEO1, software architect1,2, senior software engineer1,2,3,4, IT manager1,3,4,6, and software engineer5,6.

He is a director and chief R&D scientist at Erudite Research Ltd.

Joel Jordan, Founder

  1. INTESIS, 2000-2010
  2. Acxiom, 1998-2000
  3. Science Press Internet Services, 1997-1999
  4. Cadweb, 1996
  5. Pilot Systems, 1991-1993
  6. J. Jordan Technologies, 1991-1993